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Music Lessons

I have recently moved to Price, Utah, where I am currently accepting new students. Over the past four decades I have taught thousands of people to play music. Many of them have gone on to play professionally, some are now teaching music, but most are just having fun playing. Upon your request I can provide many references.
Lessons are customized to the student utilizing musical styles that the student enjoys. Emphasis is on technique, timing, theory, ear training, and memorization. Back-up CDs are available with which to practice.

GUITAR: Rock, country, folk, flat-picking (bluegrass), swing, jazz & Latin, classic, ear training, theory.

BASS: Upright or electric, rock, country, swing, jazz & Latin, ear training, theory.

PIANO: Pop styles that don’t require reading music--country, rock, ballad, theory. If you want to play like Elton John or Billy Joel, then I can show you.

Bluegrass, OldTimey, and Celtic

At a bluegrass festival you will see people of all ages and families enjoying a slice of Americana. At oldtimey get togethers you’ll see people having fun playing music in informal jam sessions. Bluegrass and oldtimey music both have their roots in celtic dance that was brought to America. These styles are very condusive to informal jam sessions and I always start with a common repertoire. One thing I like to do is get students together in a group format.

FIDDLE: Oldtime, bluegrass, celtic, cajun, doublestop back-up, theory, improvisation, reading music (when applicable). I know more than 300 tunes and have mentored students that have placed high in Washington State fiddle contests, including one champion in junior-junior division.

MANDOLIN: Bluegrass and oldtime, celtic, cajun, chord & creative back-up, theory, improvisation, reading music & tablature (when applicable). GUITAR: Chord back-up, scales, flatpicking fiddle tunes, theory, improvisation.

5-STRING BANJO: Playing back-up using chord inversions, Scruggs style, melodic style for playing fiddle tunes, playing in different keys & tunings, constructing your own solos. (Sorry--no clawhammer.)

DOBRO: Playing back-up, common repertoire, constructing solos.

UPRIGHT BASS: Learn how to construct your own bass parts using scales and triads.

Sound Samples

The following are unadorned versions of some common tunes that I teach. (I am playing all the parts.) The order of solos is mandolin-guitar-fiddle.

  1. Whiskey Before Breakfast (mp3)

  2. Bill Cheatham (mp3)

  3. Ragtime Annie (mp3)

  4. Sally Goodin (mp3)